Team Members

CSOFS Director

Photo of Mickie Swisher
Mickie Swisher
(PC: S. Jackson)

Dr. Mickie Swisher works with agricultural professionals and faculty members across the University of Florida and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University to address the research and educational needs of Florida farmers and consumers. She has expertise in domestic and international community development and 25 years of experience with the Florida Cooperative Extension Service.

Research focus:

  • The impact of the contemporary food movement with its emphasis on certification (organic, free trade, bird friendly, etc.) and on class, gender, and ethnic stratification among both producers and consumers in the United States and elsewhere.

  • The scholarship of learning and teaching, in both formal (classroom) and informal (outreach) settings. This research includes theory-based development and evaluation of educational programs and interventions in the area of sustainable agriculture and food systems.

CSOFS Research Coordinator

Photo of Kaylene Sattanno
Kaylene Sattanno
(PC: J. Goldberger)

Kaylene Sattanno is the Research Coordinator for the Center for Sustainable and Organic Food Systems. She graduated from the University of Florida in 2011 with a B.S. in Plant Science and a focus in Sustainable Crop Production. She works with Dr. Swisher to coordinate her research activities and provide support to affiliate faculty of the CSOFS.

CSOFS Affiliate Faculty

University of Florida/IFAS

Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Thomas F. Burks
Clyde Fraisse
Bin Gao
Wonsuk Lee
Agricultural Education & Communication
Grady Roberts
Md Ali Babar
Ann Blount
Zachary Brym
Ken Quesenberry
Esteban Rios
Lynn Sollenberger
David L. Wright
Entomology & Nematology
James P. Cuda
Amanda Hodges
Norm Leppla
Oscar Liburd
Heather McAuslane
Russell Mizell
Lance Osborne
Jorge Pena
Susan Webb
Environmental Horticultural Sciences
Hector Perez
Family, Youth & Community Sciences
Catherine Campbell
Kate Fogarty
Jennifer Jones
Kelly Moore
LaToya O’Neal
Dale Pracht
Jorge Ruiz-Menjivar
Amy Simonne
Kim Wiley
Food & Resource Economics
Edward Evans
Zhifeng Gao
Forest Resources & Conservation
Wendy-Lin Bartels
Martha Monroe
Taylor Stein
Horticultural Sciences
Jeff Brecht
Carlene Chase
Jonathan Crane
Mark Ritenour
Steve Sargent
Ali Sarkhosh
Jay Scott
Danielle Treadwell
Xin Zhao
Plant Pathology
Nicholas Dufault
Romina Gazis
Pamela Roberts
Soil & Water Science
Jehangir Bhadha
Masanori Fujimoto
Davie Kadyampakeni
Rao S. Mylavarapu
P. Christopher Wilson
James Colee
Wildlife Ecology & Conservation
Elizabeth Pienaar
Katie Sieving
County Extension Faculty
Holly Abeels
Jay Capasso
Bridget Carlisle
Liz Felter
James Fletcher
Craig Frey
Susan Haddock
Bob Hochmuth
Maxine Hunter
Molly Jameson
Matt Lollar
Martha Maddox
Doug Mayo
Meg McAlpine
Anita Neal
Teresa Olczyk
Eva Pabon
Tyler Pittman
Jessica Ryals
Carolyn Saft
Norma Samuel
Cynthia Sanders
Linda Seals
Eric Simonne
Ed Skvarch
Stacy Strickland
Jessica Sullivan
Mike Sweat
Laura Valencia
Joseph Walter
Mia Wilchcombe
Hannah Wooten
Kendra Zamojski
UF/IFAS Administration
Mary L. Duryea
Tracy Irani
Rose Koenig
Martin Main
Saqib Mukhtar
Tom Obreza
Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU)
Alejandro (Alex) Bolques
Cassel Gardner
Muhammad Haseeb
Trevor Hylton
Lue Jolly
Vonda Richardson
Linda Sapp
Daniel Solis
Jennifer Taylor