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Swisher Peer-Reviewed Publications (2015-Present)

Bullock, R., Gyau, A., Mithoefer, D., and Swisher, M. E. (2018). Contracting and gender equity in Tanzania: using a value chain approach to understand the role of gender in organic spice certification. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems. 33(1), 60-72.

Chen, X., Gao, Z., Swisher, M. E., House, L., and Zhao, X. (2018). Eco-labeling in the Fresh Produce Market: Not All Environmentally Friendly Labels Are Equally Valued. Ecological Economics. 154, 201-210.

Mavah, G. A., Funk, S. M., Child, B., Swisher, M. E., Nasi, R., and Fa, J. E. (2018). Food and livelihoods in park-adjacent communities: The case of the Odzala Kokoua National Park. Biological Conservation. 222, 44-51.

Paudyal, R., Stein, T. V., Ober, H. K., Swisher, M. E., Jokela, E. J., and Adams, D. C. (2018). Recreationists’ Perceptions of Scenic Beauty and Satisfaction at a Public Forest Managed for Endangered Wildlife. Forests. 9(5), 241.

Swisher, M. E., Ruiz-Menjivar, J., and Koenig, R. (2018). Value chains in renewable and sustainable food systems. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems. 33(1), 1-5.

West, T. A. P., Grogan, K. A., Swisher, M. E., Caviglia-Harris, J. L., Sills, E. O., Harris, D., Roberts, D., and Putz, F. E. (2018). A hybrid optimization-agent-based model of REDD+ payments to households on an old deforestation frontier in the Brazilian Amazon. Environmental Modelling & Software. 100, 159-174. Https://

West, T. A. P., Grogan, K. A., Swisher, M. E., Caviglia-Harris, J. L., Sills, E. O., Roberts, D. A., Harris, D., and Putz, F. E. (2018). Impacts of REDD+ payments on a coupled human-natural system in Amazonia. Ecosystem Services. 33(A), 68-76.

Di Gioia, F., Ozores-Hampson, M., Zhao, X., Thomas, J., Wilson, P., Li, Z., Hong, J., Albano, J., Swisher, M. E., and Rosskopf, E. (2017). Anaerobic soil disinfestation impact on soil nutrients dynamics and nitrous oxide emissions in fresh-market tomato.  Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. 240, 194-205.

Guo, H., Di Gioia, F., Zhao, X., Ozores-Hampton, M., Swisher, M. E., Hong, J., Kokalis-Burelle, N., DeLong, A., and Rosskopf, E. N. (2017). Optimizing anaerobic soil disinfestation for fresh market tomato production: Nematode and weed control, yield, and fruit quality. Scientia Horticulturae. 218, 105-116.

Monaghan, K., Swisher, M. E., Koenig, R. L., and Rodriguez, J. C. (2017). Education for sustainable agriculture: A typology of the role of teaching farms in achieving learning goals and objectives. Environmental Education Research. 23(6), 749-772.

Di Gioia, F., Ozores-Hampton, M., Hong, J., Kokalis-Burelle, N., Albano, J., Zhao, X., Black, Z., Gao, Z., Wilson, C., Thomas, J., Moore, K., Swisher, M. E., Guo, H., and Rosskopf, E. (2016). The effects of anaerobic soil disinfestation on weed and nematode control, fruit yield quality of Florida fresh-market tomato. HortScience. 51(6), 703-711.

Moore, K. N., Swisher, M. E., Rodriguez, J. C., Blevins, M., Hogan, M., Hunter, L., Kelly-Begazo, C., Komar, S., Mills-Wasniak, S., Redhage, D. (2016). Principles guiding practice: A case study analysis of the principles of sustainable agriculture for diverse farms. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development 6(3), 61-89.

Xie, J., Gao, Z., Swisher, M. E., & Zhao, X. (2016). Consumers’ preferences for fresh broccolis: Interactive effects between country of origin and organic labels. Agricultural Economics. 47(2), 181-191.

Jin, L., Zhang, J. J., Pitts, B. G., Connaughton, D., Swisher, M. E., Holland, S., & Spengler, J. O. (2015). Factors associated with an athletic donor’s intention to donate to green stadium initiatives of a collegiate athletic program. International Journal of Event Management Research 10(1), 37-61.

Monaghan, K. & Swisher, M. E. (2015). The food movement: Growing white privilege, diversity or empowerment? Commentary in Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. 5(4), 115-119.

Monaghan, K., Waite, B., Dinkins, D., Johns, T., Swisher, M. E., & Delong, A. (2015). Designing a mobile farmers market to meet low-income consumer preferences and needs. Journal of Extension, 53(1), 1-8.

Moore, K., Waite, B., Dinkins, D., Swisher, M. E., Delong, A., & Johns, T. (2015). Maximize impact, minimize resources: Locating food deserts and increasing SNAP spending on fruits and vegetables. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. 6(1), 131-146.