Project Activities

Field Objectives

  • Assess effects of environmental controls on growth, yield and quality
  • Identify optimal planting times for crops and impacts on nutrient availability
  • Determine influence of integrated nutrient management on nutrient dynamics, use efficiency, and soil health
  • Monitor, characterize and manage plant pathogens, arthropod pests and beneficials
  • Develop alternatives for managing whiteflies and aphids

Research Assessments

  • The research assessments are conducted by participants on site
  • Participants write down their plot observations on forms based on treatments in the experiment, although they are blind to the specific treatments
  • In a discussion led by a facilitator, the participants discuss their observations and assess the strongest and weakest treatments
  • The treatments are then revealed and participants are asked to make recommendations to the researchers for future trials

The first research assessment took place on 4/25/2019.

Advisory Panel Objectives

  • Stakeholder empowerment throughout project
  • Gather invaluable perspective and experience from experts
  • Identify production challenges unique to the Southeast (pests, diseases, environment, nutrient management)
  • Make recommendations for research design, project outreach, on-farm trials, mobilizing growers
  • Assess viability of the high tunnel production systems with regard to organic production
  • Establish reliable information about organic high tunnel production in the Southeast

The first advisory panel meeting took place on 3/28/2019.


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