Greening of Strawberry Plasticulture

slenderleaf rattlebox with strawberries
2017 bare-root strawberry transplant establishment trial at the UF Plant Science Research and Education Unit in Citra, FL

The Greening of Strawberry Plasticulture

Project Objectives

  1. Compare the effects of living mulches grown in strawberry row middles to bare row middles on percolation and runoff with conventional and low-volume sprinkler irrigation used for establishment of bare-root strawberry transplants

  2. Evaluate living mulch suppression of weeds and sting nematodes in strawberry row middles

  3. Develop recommendations for living mulch use for runoff and pest suppression and promote adoption among Florida strawberry growers

  4. Design and implement a project-related, internet-based virtual field day that provides outreach opportunities to strawberry growers at their convenience