Sustainable Organic Strawberry (SOS)

2017 SOS trial at the UF Plant Science Research and Education Unit in Citra, FL

Sustainable Organic Strawberry (SOS) Cropping Systems for the Southeast

Project Goals
  • Expand organic strawberry production in the Southeast by developing organic strawberry cropping systems that are more environmentally and economically sustainable and resilient to weed, pest, and disease pressure

  • Examine the effects of three cover crops and a weedy control on: soil health, nematode suppression, arthropod pests, beneficial organisms, performance of four strawberry cultivars in open field production

  • Examine specific aspects of: nutrient management incorporating contribution from cover crops and supplemental fertilization, efficacy of OMRI (Organic Materials Research Institute)-approved materials for management of spotted wing drosophila (SWD) and twospotted spider mite (TSSM), and spot treatment with predatory mites for TSSM, and performance of cultivars in high and low tunnels for cold protection outside sub-tropical Florida