Advisory Committee

Florida SARE Advisory Committee

The Florida SARE advisory committee gathers insight from clientele about their needs. The ultimate clients are farmers, but the direct clients are extension agents.

Current members (agricultural sector they represent):

  1. Md Ali Babar (1862 Land Grant)
  2. Jehangir Bhadha (1862 Land Grant)
  3. Danny Blank (Farmer)
  4. Alex Bolques (1890 Land Grant)
  5. Carlene Chase (1862 Land Grant)
  6. Faith Clarke (Nonprofit)
  7. Melissa DeSa (Nonprofit)
  8. Russell Hamlin (Farmer)
  9. Muhammad Haseeb (1890 Land Grant)
  10. George Johnson (Government Agency)
  11. Leela Robinson (Farmer)
  12. Samuel Scott (Nonprofit)
  13. Karen Stauderman (1862 Land Grant)
  14. Amy Van Scoik (Farmer)
  15. Hannah Wooten (1862 Land Grant)