SDFA Lab Activities

Core Activities

  1. Conduct research on the intersection of both social-behavioral and economic factors affecting the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.

  2. Research the subsector of nonprofit organizations (NPOs)* participating in the U.S. food system to:

    • support efficacy of NPOs engaged in food production, distribution, and safety
    • streamline interactions between publicly-funded NPOs and government entities, and
    • sustain NPO innovative capacity.

  3. Support and enhance the efficacy of biological research to reduce the lag time between identification of a problem, conceptualization of research to address the need, and delivery of field-tested solutions to farmers.**

  4. Train a new generation of social scientists to provide leadership for the development and implementation of transdisciplinary research and integrated extension programs across the span of agricultural food systems.
*NPOs include international nongovernmental organizations, farmer membership associations, policy advocacy groups, food distribution organizations, nonprofit farms, and social enterprises.
**We have developed active collaboration between agricultural and biological scientists, farmers and their organizations, nonprofit organizations, and other existing and emerging private sector actors in the food system.